About Us

NP Elegance is a brand that offers the most luxurious and affordable beauty products. The brand is founded from a long standing passsion in all things beauty and luxurious.
We are currently providing Luxury mink eyelashes and quality high-shine lipgloss.

NP Elegance is more than just beauty products it's the epitome of a luxury lifestyle. We want our customers to exude elegance and have the best feeling when they receive their products. That is why we have focused our attention not only on the quality of our products but also their appearance. our eyelashes are hand made with precision: each product is thoughtfully designed to cater to different tastes and we will continue to upgrade our styles according to our customers preference

NPElegance takes pride in providing quality and we initially launched our brand with a luxurious 35mm mink eyelash collection and have recently launched our nourishing lipgloss collection. We take ownership in branding hence we have carefully taken time on our cruelty-free products, packaging and presentation to ensure an elegant, luxurious and quality journey from the production to the point of ordering and delivery.
We hope to make everyone feel luxurious and elegant so journey with us!

Eyelashes and quality high-shine lipgloss.