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About NPelegance

NP Elegance is a brand that offers the most luxurious and affordable beauty products. The brand is founded from a long standing passsion in all things beauty and luxurious.

We are currently providing Luxury mink eyelashes and quality high-shine lipgloss.

Our Lip Glosses

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  • Very good quality and gave me a sultry look, affordable price point and the packaging is so dope and well thought of. I used Duo lash glue and they lasted the whole day.

    - Beaullah

  • I love love taste lashes every time I wear them they enhance eyes I already have nice eyes but taste makes them so fluttering. Definitely I highly recommend them 🙌🏾

    - Memory Chance

  • This applicator is something I thought I didn’t need until I got it. Would highly recommend, it’s literally a life saver and makes applying eyelashes so quicker.

    - Sangwani Muwa